Forthcoming Services at St.Matthew's

Service Time
Sunday 6th November
All-Age Communion with Baptism

Sunday 13th November
Remembrance Day Service

Sunday 20th November
Common Worship Communion

Sunday 27th November
Common Worship Communion - Advent Sunday

Sunday 27th November
Christingle Service

Sunday 4th December
All-Age Communion


Children's Church is always available at 11.00am service

Service Information

On Sunday 6th November the theme of the All Age Worship at both churches will be turning wine into water - or should that be the other way round? Come and see.

On Wednesday 9th November the new Bishop of Repton is coming to Smalley Church at 7 pm to Confirm a number of candidates from both our congregations. They range in age from 10 to 85. Please come and support them as they begin their adult Christian lives. Please come and welcome Bishop Jan on her first visit to us.

The new Christian Year starts on Advent Sunday 27th November. In addition to our two morning services there will be a Christingle Service at Morley at 3.00pm. Smalley's Christingle will be on Sunday 11th December at 4.30pm.



The Morley & Smalley Church and Community News and Views has recently won our Editor, Sheila Randall, a Certificate of Achievement in a national Parish Magazine competition. Congratulations to Sheila. Here are some excerpts from the judges' written comments:

"We were impressed with this magazine ... It has a good range of content and it is very well put together. In terms of the "feel" of the magazine, it was one of the best we have seen ... We liked the way the headlines were set out, with an impressive white font on a black background ... We liked the choice of font for the articles."

What didn't they like?

"There were rather a lot of advertisements and we thought there were too many in relation to the overall size of the magazine. ... The graphics were good, but some of the photographs were on the dark side."

What is my response?

Advertisements are good for income and come from our own community. So instead of thinking there are too many advertisements I think there might be too few articles. You could ask me 'Why are most articles written by you, Barbara, Colin or Joan?'

My answer is 'We are the people who send stuff to the Editor.'

If you (personally or as a member of an organization in Morley or Smalley) send something to the Editor I know she will do her best to include it. If your views are not being expressed then try sharing them here. If your organization (whether Brownies or Cricket Club or School or whatever) isn't being reported, then why don't you report it?


Over the first weekend in December we plan to hold a Crib (Nativity Set) Festival at St John the Baptist, Smalley.

Have you got a Crib (Nativity Set)?

It doesn't matter how large or small - from life-size to matchbox-size. It doesn't matter what it's made of - from Lego to wool, from olive wood to gold. It doesn't matter where it's from - from B&M Bargains to Harrods, from Derby to Vladivostok.

We would like to borrow it, look after it carefully, and display it to the young and old of Smalley and Derbyshire for a few days in early December.

If you would be happy to lend us your Crib (Nativity Set) please tell either:
The Very Revd Geoffrey Marshall on 01332 280452 or at or Churchwarden John Porter on 01332 781071 or at

The Very Revd Geoffrey Marshall, Associate Priest